Ticket to Ride - On the web since 1998Welcome to Ticket To Ride, an Internet site entirely dedicated to Ride, Oxford's finest band ever.
If you already are a Ride fan, here you'll find plenty of stuff previously unavailable on any other Ride Internet site, such as exclusive interviews, reviews and a complete list of the concerts that Ride have played all over the world throughout the years… If you're not (yet) a Ride fan, and you've stumbled across this site by chance or because some nice friend has told you to come here and pay us a visit, well... I hope you'll find here something interesting enough to turn you into another Ride addict...

What's the purpose of this site

As many of you may know, Ride have (officially) split in December 1995, leaving fans all over the world with anything else than their own Ride related memories and lots of their records. Having been (and still being) a devoted and enthusiast Ride fan myself, I've decided to open my drawers and bring back to life all the Ride-ish stuff I've been collecting throughout the years. I've decided to do so because my dedication to Ride has never decreased, and also because, despite the band is no more active, their music is still as brilliant and exciting as when their records were released. Ride were the most innovative and challenging band of the early 90's and their music sounds incredibly modern still now, after all these years.
Building a site dedicated to Ride, for me has nothing to do with blind nostalgia... instead, it's about memory and gratitude. I want to repay them for all the good things they gave me and I truly hope that Ride will be rediscovered in the near future and that their immense talent will be acknowledged, as they deserved in the "old days" and deserve even more now, in this era of musical mediocrity.

What Ticket To Ride was then...

Ticket to Ride (or TTR as I call it) was a Ride fanzine issued in Brussels, Belgium between 1991 and early 1996. It was created by Catherine Vercheval who, once an anonymous music lover, turned herself into a skilled and talented journalist. As she became a member of Ride's entourage, she brought us "on the road" all over Europe with our favourite band. Her publication had such a high quality output that it was endorsed and regarded by Ride themselves as their "almost official" fanzine! Judge by yourself!

... and what Ticket To Ride is now

As you may note, this site revolves around the articles, interviews and reviews coming from old TTR issues. This is intentional. As I do not want Ride to be forgotten, I also think that the great job that Catherine did should be preserved and should reach as many people as possible, especially those who weren't lucky enough to be TTR subscribers in those "brave days"! All the material taken from TTR is here reprinted with the explicit permission and encouragement of TTR's editor Catherine Vercheval. If you're going to thank someone for what you'll find inside this site, well, express all your appreciation to Catherine, not to me! I've just collected her work and brought it to you...

This website appeared online in the spring of 1998 and month after month I expanded it with other sections, turning it -hopefully- into the most complete resource for Ride fans on the Internet. What you're seeing right now is the second incarnation of the TTR website as I completely renewed it in the Spring of 2001, anticipating the release of Ride's "Best Of" boxset compilation to be released later this year.

I'm proud and satisfied with what I've been able to do until now and I must say that this site wouldn't look like this without the contribution of other fans that helped me sending me pictures, reviews, stories and lots of other useful stuff. I want to add even more things to this website, I want to keep it "alive", so if you happen to own material that in some extent may be useful, please contact me. Any kind of contribution, help and criticism is really appreciated!

Thank you's, acknowlegements and greetings

These come straight out from my heart...

The biggest thank you goes to Catherine Vercheval, the driving force behind this site... thank you for more than I can say! You know why!

Respect and huge thanks to Guy Brookfield, a friend and a true fan who helped me a lot taking care of an essential part of this website, the "Collectors' Zone".

I'd also like to thank all the subscribers to the "Vapourtrail" mailing list for their support and collaboration, especially Spiro, Matthias, Aaron, Kimberly, Alain, Scott, Erin and Evan. I hope I didn't forget anyone - I have so many friends there.

Also thanks to all the people who have been visiting, writing and sending stuff since TTR went online.

A very big thank you goes to Thomas Burgel for the fanzine translations from French.

A heartfelt greeting to Barbara and Roberta: Hey! Stripey Days are back again!

All my gratitude goes to Alessia: thank you for having visited my website in the first place and for all those wonderful things that you've being giving to me since then... you're very special to me!

A hello goes to the people at Oxford's Nightshift magazine, Oxford Music Central and Ride HQ... Oxford rules!
Thank you Ash for the first link to TTROL and to Dave for the continuous support.

And, last but not least, thank you Andy, Loz, Mark and Steve for having been RIDE.

Piero Piutti 2001, 2002, 2003