This section is meant to host the recording of a whole Ride concert, so that you can download it track-by-track and then burn your own "Ride Live CD".

Of course the tracks available here weren't "ripped" from an official Ride release, but instead they're coming from one of the best audience recordings circulating among Ride collectors, i.e. the Milan 1992 gig. This brilliant performance was captured from the audience with a portable DAT recorder and excelles among similar recordings for the pureness of the sound.

We hope that you'll appreciate this and so enjoy the pleasure of a Ride concert in the comfort of your homes.
We also hope that, if you've never listened to Ride before, you can realize what a great live band Ride were... we hope to turn you into another Ride fan!

The whole concert (Milan, Italy, City Square, Sept. 30th 1992) has been encoded in mp3 format (44.100 kHz, Stereo, 128 kbps).

If you happen to experience difficulties downloading the mp3 files (slow transfer rate), I would suggest using a "download manager" software.
A good (and free) one for Windows is "Download Accelerator Pro", which can be found at

Right-click on the song's title and select "Save object as..." to start the download:

  1. Leave them all behind (8,4 Mb)
  2. Taste (3,0 Mb)
  3. Not fazed (3,4 Mb)
  4. Sennen (3,9 Mb)
  5. Like a daydream (2,4 Mb)
  6. Twisterella (3,5 Mb)
  7. Ox4 (4,1 Mb)
  8. Time of her time (3,0 Mb)
  9. Making Judy smile (2,5 Mb)
  10. Nowhere (8,8 Mb)
  11. Vapour trail (3,6 Mb)
  12. Mouse trap (4,6 Mb)
  13. Close my eyes (4,6 Mb)
  14. Chelsea girl (3,2 Mb)
  15. Drive blind (5,6 Mb)


You can even dowload the CD covers that were designed for Ticket to Ride by "Polyfusia".
They have been converted in PDF format for an easy print'n'cut process - you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print these files.

Download the front sleeve
Download the back sleeve